Born in Colombia. Spent my first years in the mountains, in between Manizales, Cali, Bogotá, Armenia and Ibagué. Stable were the curves of the roads and the salsa from the seventies.

Raised in Belgium. Studied Latin in a medieval school. Wrote travel journals through Europe.

Lived in The United States. My grandfather used to bring me out to sail in the Gulf of Mexico. Dolphins passed by while reading in my hammock.

Came back to Belgium. Graduated in Political Sciences and International Relations. Danced until dawn in the Latin-American world of the University of Louvain. Loved autumn but missed the tropics.

Travelled through South America. Arrived in Bogotá. Did a Master in Latin American Studies. Worked as a researcher.

Teaching History and Geography now. Taking journeys in time and space.

Bought a camera. Took some photography and writing lessons.

Still writing travel journals…

Photo by F. Laur